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Claudia Posch and Gerhard Rampl from the University of Innsbruck wrote an essay on using keyword analysis in research tools such as the Swiss text corpus. In «Methodisch geht es korpuswärts! Zur Produktivität des Suffixes -wärts», the authors address the question to which extent the suffix -wärts can be considered productive.

Rampl, Gerhard, and Claudia Posch. "Methodisch geht es korpuswärts! Zur Produktivität des Suffixes-wärts." In: Posch, Claudia, Karoline Irschara, and Gerhard Rampl. "Multimethodische digitale Forschung in der Linguistik: Ansätze, Herausforderungen, Perspektiven." DOI: 10.15203/99106-061-1-07

Since January 2017, continuous efforts have been made to expand the corpus to include Swiss texts from the 21st century. 3.5 million collected words collected in this process cover the years from 2000 to 2018 and are now browsable in our corpus search.

Muriel Peter (Idiotikon) spoke about the challenges in building a text corpus for the 21st century at the 10th Days of Swiss Linguistics.